The recipe for Estonian wedding sausage caught my eye very, very long time ago. I hasten to reassure: no intestines will not have to be used. For cooking, you need these Products:

Beef tenderloin — 400 g;
Ham — 200g;
Pork fat — 75 g;
Egg — 3 pieces;
Milk — 2-3 tbsp. Spoons;
Onion — 1 pc .;
Salt, pepper — to taste.
First we prepare an omelette. To do this, add raw milk, a little salt, ground black pepper and whisk into the raw egg mass. Now take the onion, clean it, finely sliced and fry until golden brown. Instead of onions, you can use green onions (then in oil only let it in). The egg mass pour out on fried onions and fry the omelet. Cool it. Beef tenderloin cut into slices, beat off well, adding salt, pepper. To sliced ham. To put the ham and the piece of omelet on the slices of the tenderloin. Wrap it all in the form of a sausage and tie it with a thick threads. Prepared in this way sausages fry on pork fat until cooked. Cool, remove the threads and cut into thin slices, like sausage.

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